JBS understand the property sector – all the legal and financials, the complications, nuances and hassles. We know our locations, the market and how best to market properties. We’re experts in renting, letting and know what it’s like to be a landlord. But, we also understand the pleasures of working in the sector. There’s a definite thrill about helping someone to secure the home of their dreams. We love having the knowhow to find the perfect little apartment on a short-term let for the busy exec. Even after years in the business, that still gives us a buzz.

We work very closely with our clients, whether they are individuals, families, small businesses or multinationals. By pinpointing precisely what they’re looking for and then dedicating ourselves to finding it, we’re able to deliver outstanding service. Clients come back to us, recommend us and tell us they enjoy the whole customer experience.

In our work, we meet some fascinating people. Often, they’re undergoing the upheaval of relocation, retirement or starting a new job. With our island’s tax status, thriving financial and legal sectors, Cayman will always have a lot of short-term visitors. Sadly, some of them may never get to know this beautiful part of the world in the way we do, but we hope we can always contribute something to their stay.

Bigger, better, brighter.

JBS is growing and expanding its range of services. To reflect the changes, we have developed a brand-new brochure. Our existing clients are familiar with the friendly professionalism of our Director Roger Small and the rest of the team, but for those new to the business, the brochure will make a great introduction to the JBS real-estate and property management experience.

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