Perfect conditions for real-estate growth


If a dozen people sat together trying to decide which factors make property investment successful, each would probably have a slightly different list. Combine their ideas and you would come up with something that looked very much like the Cayman Islands.

These islands have a lot going for them. Stunning scenery, a fantastic climate, clear blue seas and pure white sand beaches are only part of the reason Cayman is a great place to invest. We also have a stable government, a thriving world-class financial centre, tax advantages and a diverse population with energy and drive.

It’s not only a great place to invest – it’s also a great place to live, and many who buy real-estate on the islands plan to relocate and make their homes here in the future, but finding the right property isn’t quite as simple as it once was. Demand is high, and supply can be limited, but many areas are establishing themselves as alternatives to the now pricey Seven Mile Beach and enjoying rapid growth in development. This growth is fuelled by overseas investors whose interest can include anything from commercial and industrial sites to multi-family residential property. In addition, those with short-term employment on the islands are quick to see the potential for healthy returns and are putting money into bricks and mortar.

New-build remains popular, and the specification of homes continues to improve. There’s a lot of interest in developments with a real community feel, particularly amongst the islands’ permanent residents. This, of course, means that older properties, although not exactly a bargain, can be a very attractive proposition for those with the vision to see beyond the current layout and décor.

In summary, there’s a broad range of property types and a wide choice of investment opportunities with little sign that caution is necessary. What is worth thinking about, however, is that local knowledge is important. Whether you’re considering buying into a real-estate consortium or looking for the perfect retirement home, you’ll find our expertise invaluable. We can pinpoint the regions that are really beginning to shine or help you to be first to hear when a coveted, prestigious home is coming onto the market.

Cayman’s great. The real-estate market agrees.