Relocating to Cayman makes perfect sense. Here’s why.









For a business considering opening a branch in the Cayman Islands, the attractions are obvious. The islands are a major financial centre, home to a wealth of high-quality global organisations. You almost have to have a base here to be taken seriously. The infrastructure is excellent. Several key projects are delivering innovative, world-class commercial facilities and of course, there is the very favourable tax regime.

That’s the business case sorted, but businesses are run by people, and some people have a habit of being change-averse. For every employee on your team who has itchy feet and a desire for the constant stimulation of new challenges and global adventure, there’s another who’s settled.
Maybe they’ve started to put down roots in the UK. Perhaps there are children, happy in a good school, or grandparents nearby taking an active role. In such cases, the issue of relocation can be highly emotive. While some will jump at the opportunity, others will find the prospect of upping sticks and moving to the Caribbean daunting. Fortunately, the Cayman Islands are a great location and we’re well used to welcoming visitors, temporary residents and those looking to settle here on a permanent basis and there are plenty of incentives to make the move.

Let’s start with our geography. These islands are beautiful. There is no doubt about that, but in some ways the image of an island paradise is misleading. It can suggest beach holidays and a relaxed, laid-back lifestyle and although that’s all available on Cayman, it’s only part of the story. Head back to the first paragraph – Cayman is a major international business hub, not a backward by-water.
Then there’s a superb climate. It’s not permanent blue-sky and sunshine, but it’s a million miles away from the near constant grey and damp. In the UK, people long for a more outdoor lifestyle, rushing to barbecue on a few decent days. Here there’s no rush to grab the sunshine. The outdoor lifestyle is available all year round.

People might worry that with the relaxed lifestyle their careers will stall. They could imagine a year on Cayman as another gap year or a rite of passage. They’d be wrong. Yes, we have beautiful scenery and clear diving waters, but the islands are industrious and geared up to promote the development of an individual’s financial and personal security. Major infrastructure projects testify to confidence in the future. The world’s best businesses have a base here, connections are made here. Careers progress futures are secured here.

In Cayman, we make it easy for people to visit. Whether that’s for a few days, a few months or a few years. Our business is welcoming businesses, and there’s a constant turnover of people discovering the joys of island life and making new friends. There’s plenty of space for solitude but it’s hard to feel isolated here.
We have a settled and stable government, an established legal structure based on English law and human rights are enshrined. We have a great healthcare system. Schools and childcare are world class, and we have direct connecting flights to the UK and to Miami.If you could have a completely open and honest discussion with every member of your team, there would be those who would admit to feeling that there could and should be more to life. Maybe they’re spending too many hours on the commute, seeing too little of their kids or pinning all their hopes on the long-awaited summer holiday. The Cayman Islands offer an answer to all these problems. Even with the established and thriving commercial centre, the lifestyle is more relaxed.

Relocating to Cayman isn’t a sideways step, it’s a step up and it’s filled with opportunities.