Imagine living on a beautiful Caribbean island


When you’re feeling blue, grey skies get greyer and life has no sparkle. At times like these, your last holiday seems like a lifetime ago –  you can just about remember the feel of sand between your toes, but you won’t have forgotten the dream you had of giving up your job and changing your lifestyle. You imagined a beautiful beach on your doorstep. Any time you wanted, you could paddle, swim or dive in crystal-clear seas.

What’s to stop you making that dream a reality?  The Cayman Islands are a British Overseas Territory, three small but charming islands, with a rich history and a very promising future. They boast unique geology, diverse birdlife – including chattering parrots – and a marine ecosystem that’s brought SCUBA divers to the waters from all corners of the globe. We’ve got arguably the best restaurants in the Caribbean, boutique hotels, low crime rates and amazing people. Oh, and yes, we’ve got some pretty spectacular beaches.

Okay, maybe you need to work. We understand that, but our beloved Cayman Islands have plenty of employment opportunities, particularly in the financial and tourism sectors. If you’ve got skills, there are roles available, and plenty of the world’s top businesses have sites in George Town, capital of the largest island, Grand Cayman. The islands are an international financial centre and a magnet for investors. Add to that stunning natural scenery, glorious beaches and the relaxed island life, and you’ll soon see why Cayman is such a wonderful place to work.

Perhaps you’re retired. You can still move here. Cayman welcomes those with capital and independent means, and many retirees are realising a lifelong dream of enjoying improved weather, better leisure and a brighter outlook.  Don’t worry that you’ll be lonely. These islands are home to many expats, and our diverse population hails from all corners of the globe. You’ll find plenty of like-minded people, determined to enjoy life.

Cayman is changing. Its businesses are growing, its airport is expanding and its tourism industry is thriving, but the outlook of islands – Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman – remains open and friendly. It’s paradise with a welcoming, forward thinking style.

There are all sorts of ways to make the move to the islands, either as a temporary or permanent resident, and you can find out more here. And if you’re popping over for a holiday, you’ll find we’re well served by both the major airlines and our own national carrier. So, no excuses, pay us a visit!

Next time you start thinking about a better life, stop dreaming and start planning.  Plans are more effective.